DIY Project

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IEEE is sponsoring you to come up with and make your own projects! 
We will give you $100 (extensions are possible)

All You Have to Do

  1. Come up with a project idea
  2. Get the project approved by IEEE@UCR

    1. Email Gustavo Correa and Joel Gomez: if you have questions

    2. Fill out this Form

  3. Make all code, circuits and BOM open source

  4. Once you have made the project, give presentation to your fellow IEEE members

  5. IEEE will then reimburse you on your purchases for the project


Submit your project to IEEE for a chance to win $500!

Thanks for Participating!

diy project

At IEEE, we want to promote the great projects engineers from our community are making themselves. That's what the IEEE DIY Project is all about. HELP US by submitting your own engineering project (whether it's a robotic arm you built or a piece of computer software) or liking one of our projects.