ATmega ISP Adapter

Tutorial: mega32 ISP adapter

unsoldered isp
Two unsoldered ISP adapters and a 2x3 header. Do not frustrate yourself by trying to use the ISP adapter unsoldered.
soldered isp
Fully soldered ISP adapter with 2x3 header facing up and 1x6 header facing down.









The mega32 ISP adapter is a PCB that was specifically designed for this class. It allows for much cleaner connections from the AVR ISP to your microcontroller. It must be soldered before use, but if soldered, replaces the prelab where you must manually break out wires.


The mega32 ISP adapter makes your board look much neater than a manual breakout and allows for easier cleanup. Connect it to your microcontroller such that the SPI pins align like so:

SPI pins
Yes, those pins line up exactly.